01. Crepes.space

This freelance project is for an entrepreneur and artist who aspires to start a crepe restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. His initial plans are to start the venture as a food truck, but an interior space was designed and rendered to flesh out the concept and design potentials. Project duration: 2018 - present.


A food truck and/or restaurant featuring crepes that is inviting, vibrant, fresh, and creative in a fast-casual environment.

The aesthetic will utilize the owner/artist's talent to include custom paintings to create a unique and authentic feel in the space.

These prototype renderings show a mock-up, but for the final images, hand paintings of the individual fruit will be used.


Industrial/Art Studio: Original Wood, Concrete, Metal, Brick, Teal Tiles

Kitchen: Clean, white tiles, bright lighting

Art: Custom Paintings created for the space by Manuel, custom neon signs

Color Palette: Drawing on fruit as the inspiration, bright, vibrant hues will be used over a backdrop of turquoise.

Food Truck

Crepe Food Truck - Closed Door  -    no

Turquoise was chosen as the background color for it's strong contrast to the natural colors of fruit. Click images to zoom.

City Scape Render - 2 - JPEG.jpg

Brick & Mortar

Exterior Night - Main Render.jpg

Late Night Crepe is a way to bring the beginnings of starting as a food truck to a brick and mortar experience. Once the interior of the restaurant closes for the night, the patio and side order window will remain open so customers can enjoy desserts in a late night urban environment with a similar aesthetic to the original food truck. It may not be mobile, but it gives added flexibility to the restaurant's ability to serve customers and offer a unique experience. Exterior Night Perspective. Click image to zoom.

Outside to In - Main Render - Draft 1.JP

With the intention of operating in an urban environment, the ideal space would include an indoor/outdoor experience to further the concept of being inviting and community-oriented.


The double wide benches shown in this render can be used in or outside the restaurant or for large groups when weather permits and the garage doors can be opened. Click image to zoom.

Interior from Entrance - Main Render - D

Original paintings by the owner/artist will be created for an interior space as well. A platform with additional seating was utilized in this example to take advantage of original windows in an old brick building with higher sill heights. Interior perspective from the main entrance. Click image to zoom.

Neon Sign - Main Render - Draft 1.jpg

Interior perspective from the back counter. Click image to zoom.

Sketches and Diagrams

Click images to zoom.

bubble diagram with color.jpg

Bubble Diagram

Circulation Diagram JPEG.jpg

Circulation Diagram

Floor Plan

Floor Plan - FINAL.jpg

Rendered Section Cut

Section Cut A-A - Final.jpg

Section Cut A-A