04. Soma Table.furniture

The concept for this project started with the theme of intimacy. The trajectory of my design took on the idea that as busy, modern people we often use our digital devices in bed. We work long hours in the evening, catch up on news or watch TV shows from the comfort of plush pillows and down comforters.


Not only is a bedroom an intimate and even sacred space, but a table for this context would also need to be intimate in its relationship with the body.


The common rectilinear or circular shapes often come to mind when ideating table design. But a table for the context of a bed meant the shape of the body became paramount, dictating the shape of the object. Completed in 2016. 


The shape of the body while using a bed was considered. The table mimics the curved line of a person sitting


The form of the table also mimics the curved line of someone lying on their side. 

Materials & Features

The soft, plush but strong materials used for the table mimic their surroundings by being similar to others used in bed and sleep products.

High density upholstery foam is used for the body of the table. Two layers were cut on a CNC machine with a 1/2 inch lip on both to hold in place the wooden table top. Upholstery glue holds the two layers together and upholstery fabric is tailored to fit the custom shape. 


The hard table top offers a place for larger devices to sit and not overheat on bed sheets. The table offers plenty of room for a laptop, mouse, cup of tea, book or writing materials. 

The base of the shape is wide and made of firm upholstery foam which makes it incredibly stable. A glass of liquid will not spill even when there is movement on the bed.


Both layers of foam are cut identical so the table is also reversible for both left and right handed users.  

Prototype, Making & Inspiration Images

Final Product